Buying vs Leasing a New Mitsubishi in Saint George, UT

You’ve decided on a new Mitsubishi. Perhaps you’ve decided to go with the Mitsubishi Outlander because of all the standard features you get at every trim level and the standard third-row seating for your growing family. Maybe you’ve decided on the fuel-efficient and comfortable ride of the Mitsubishi Mirage. The only thing you have left to decide is whether to buy or lease your new Mitsubishi car or SUV. This can be a tough decision for a lot of customers and there are a lot of things to consider before you make the decision. The finance center at Painter’s Sun Country Mitsubishi, located at 1600 S Hilton Drive in Saint George, UT, is a great resource to answer all your buying and leasing questions. Deciding whether you’d be best served with an auto loan or lease requires a close look at your current situation, but we can help you by providing some advantages to both leasing and buying for our Saint George, UT customers.

The Benefits of Buying

Saint George, UT customers who don’t want to be concerned with staying within a mileage limit or with keeping their vehicle away from any damage, may prefer to buy their Mitsubishi. There are fees associated with going over your miles and with damages when you enter a lease agreement. Some folks also like the fact that they won’t have any car payment when they done paying their auto loan, plus they’ll have some equity in the vehicle that they can use when they trade it in towards a new Mitsubishi.

Leasing Can be a Good Choice

Many of our Saint George, UT customers who are attracted to leasing like the idea of owning a new vehicle at a lower monthly payment than they could get with a traditional auto loan. Leasing achieves this because you only pay for the part of the vehicle you use. Lessees also like the idea that they will get a new Mitsubishi every two to four years. This means that they will have their hands on all the latest upgrades and features that many customers crave. A lease agreement also gets you a fair amount of flexibility. If you don’t like the vehicle at the end of your lease agreement, your commitment to it ends and you have no further obligation to it.

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The finance team at Painter’s Sun Country Mitsubishi, in Saint George, UT, are the experts in auto financing. Contact them today with your buying and leasing questions so you can continue your path to getting your new Mitsubishi car or SUV. We make auto finance Fast. Fair. And Simple at Painter’s Mitsubishi.

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