It's Tax Time! Why Should You Buy a New Mitsubishi?

Bring Home the Latest in Tech & Safety in a New Mitsubishi SUV or Car

When you want a new car or SUV but have been finding it tough to fit into your busy schedule the time to take a test drive, now is your chance. With everyone taking their tax refunds out to spend on random electronics and unnecessary gadgets, think about how much you can do with the money you're receiving back from the government. How can you put it to good use? Maybe there is a better way to spend your refund than on something that will be obsolete in a few months anyway.

We believe that the best way to use your tax refund is to put it towards the purchase of a new Mitsubishi model. Why? We have plenty of reasons listed below.

Why Use Your Refund on a New Mitsubishi?

  • If finding a down payment sometimes proves stressful, your refund could easily be used to help alleviate that stress. Think about it: when will you have money just drop into your lap? Now is a great time to use what you've gotten back to put toward a new Mitsubishi Outlander or Outlander Sport.
  • You could use the tax refund to help get your current vehicle loan into better shape. If you suffered a setback in your credit score, but have been making regular payments, your score could improve enough to get you a better interest rate. The refund is a great way to help restructure your auto loan.
  • What happens if you decide to buy a new Mitsubishi, but your current vehicle still has money owed on the loan? You could use the tax refund to help get you into a better place to take the sting out of going upside down on a loan.
  • Are you thinking of leasing? A tax refund can help you by starting off with a larger down payment, which can help you reduce the payments. That reduction can help you be incentivized to lease a higher trim level to get the best technology and driver-assist features.
  • Consider your refund an important tool in making the right investment. Rather than throw that money away on the purchase of a new TV, sound system, or other frivolous purchase, why not get something you need?

If you're ready to talk with our Mitsubishi financing experts about how you can take home a new Mitsubishi Mirage G4 or Eclipse Cross, contact us or visit when you've gotten your refund. We'll help you use it in the best way possible so you get more out of it.

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