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  • Marjorie Painter
    General Manager
    (435) 673-1600

    My grandfather Fred Painter and his brother Reese Painter started Painter Motor Company in 1945 located in Nephi, UT. My Father Jim Painter started working for them at the age of 13 and continued in the business until his passing in October of 2016. 

    Jim opened up Painter's Sun Country Chrysler in St. George Utah in the early 1980's. We are now currently proud to be apart of the Mitsubishi Motor Company. Just as my family before me I followed in my Father's footsteps as Third Generation at Painter's Sun Country Mitsubishi. 

    I have been in the car business since 1992-- after returning home from my Mission. I want our customers to have an enjoyable, transparent, car purchasing experience with no gimmicks.

  • Mike Choe
    Operations Manager
    435-673-1600 x 206

  • Jon Chollet
    Finance Manager
    435-673-1600 x 207

    I moved from Southern California in 2008 with my lovely wife, Sue, and family in tow, I left behind the California sun and the Pacific Ocean breeze behind me. I gained much more than I could ever imagine coming to Utah. I have worked in the auto industry for the past 12 years, most recently joining the Painter's Mitsubishi family as of December 2018.

    One of the great benefits of this industry is all the different people I have been able to meet; and it has been rewarding helping new friends get their dream car! Helping people understand the buying process is something I excel at with my level of care and detail alongside with having great patience. 

    I love to spending time with his family and I'm happy to call Southern Utah my home with all the great activities it offers. 

    I look forward to getting the opportunity to meet each and everyone one of you that come into the Mitsubishi Family; this dealership is far more than just a place of business and transactions-- but a place of care for each and every individual customer for their buying needs.

  • Jayce Yong
    Business Development Executive
    (435) 673-1600 ext.204

    Truth is, none of us are easy to deal with, or please all the time. We all have our vices, attitudes and way of doing things which is what makes us unique. You wont always like everything about somebody; it's impossible. That's life, life it isn't about finding the perfection in everything rather than finding the beauty in at least one thing. Life isn't about a happily ever after fairy-tail. Its about finding something you're willing to work hard for and enjoy doing. It's so simple, yet so hard to achieve.

    Why do I say this? I was born in the car industry as my family before me sold cars. I watched my Father as a little girl conduct many business deals and succeed. I have always been a people-pleaser and try to find the beauty in everything. Everyone is unique in their own way. I conduct business transactions rather than a transaction but as a gist of means for understanding communication with people from all aspects in life. I do believe there is beauty in everything.

    My favorite quote?

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

    I will ALWAYS treat my customers with the same loyalty and respect as I would for my Family. For it is in my blood to be in the industry that has done my Family so good; so in return I will always be upfront, and fair in all that I do.

    I hope I can earn the opportunity to serve you into getting you in the dream car you deserve and need-- new or used! 

  • Xander
    Medical Alert Dog

    Actively been working in the line of Service Dogs for the past 4 years.

    My handler is a person first and a Service Dog user second. Don't talk to them through me.

    When interacting with my human, it's best if you simply pretend I'm not there. You don't need to acknowledge me at all. Treat me like you would a wheelchair or other medical equipment. 

    Please respect my handlers privacy. 

    Yes, I am friendly. No I do not bite. No, you cannot pet me. Just as whenever you're on the job you wouldn't want people distracting you, so please do not distract me. Thank you.

  • Pam Weeks
    Product Specialist
    435-673-1600 x 210

    Born and raised in Sevier County, I am proud to say I grew up in the car industry. My father co-owned and operated Motor Sales in Richfield, Ut. I also co-owned a dealership in beautiful St. George for nearly 10 years!

    My proudest accomplishments are my two children, then along came more sunshine with my six grandchildren. My interests include riding and caring for horses as they have been a huge part of my life. Doing permanent makeup for 15 years has introduced me to many amazing women and it is very rewarding to see the joy they feel.

    I joined the staff at Painter's Mitsubishi one year ago. Not only has the opportunity introduced me to so many great people, it also brings back treasured memories that I hold in a special place.

    I can't wait to meet and help you with your vehicle wants and needs!

  • Mark Roelse
    Product Specialist

  • Jenna Lowry
    Product Specialist
    435-673-1600 x 212

    My name is Jenna, I'm Montana born, Northern Utah raised. I lived in Texas for awhile and ended up missing the Utah weather, so I decided to move back-- and into St. George! 

    I'm a huge Family person. I love taking care of my Grandmother, she turns 80 years old in December! I also love watching over my Royal Blue and Green, Black Orchid Betta fish-- his name is Lamar. I've had him for two months. He survived a 12 hour trek in transit to our new home here in St. George! He certainly lived up to what Betta Fish are known for, which is being the Siamese Fighting Fish! I also enjoy riding my dirt bike in my spare time.

    I decided to come into the car business due to the fact that I spent a majority of my time with my peers working on vehicles alongside with working on industrial machinery! Working on both cars and machines are something I'm very passionate about! That's how I came to determine this was the business for me to join. 

    I really enjoy serving people and meeting each and every of their individual needs. I make it a goal to serve at least one person everyday; even if that just means by simply making someone smile.

    I came to realization my future is in my own hands and it's up to me if I'm going to make it or break it. The only difference between the two is perspective. 

    I hope I can get the opportunity to help you getting into a new or used car! I always am happy to be of assistance.

  • Suzy Hunt
    Customer Liaison Representative
    (435) 673-1600 ext.200

    I am from Levan, UT. I've been with Painter's Mitsubishi for over 25 years and I feel like I have grown up here!

    I enjoy anything Disney, Mickey Mouse and going to the movies. I have met many great people in this business. It's exciting having the Mitsubishi lineup here! Mitsubishi vehicles are amazing, reliable and affordable. That's why I drive one! I have learned from the best and enjoy the longtime customers we have.

    We cannot wait to assist you and your buying needs!

  • Kelly Blodgett
    Business Manager
    (435) 673-1600 ext.214

  • Juleen Sherman
    (435) 673-1600 ext.201

  • Curtis Stephenson
    Service Manager
    (435) 673-1600 ext.221

  • Bobby Jones
    Parts Manager
    (435) 673-1600 ext.220

  • Carl Scott
    Service Technician

  • Cody Stephenson
    Service Technician

  • Mitchell Stephenson
    Lot Technician

    I'm very proud to say as this is my Grandfather's business. Just as my Father's, Father I have followed in their footsteps and grew up in the car industry. My Father has been in the car industry for over 32 years!

    The car industry is all my Family has ever known. We are very skilled in what we do. What is it exactly that we do? We care about our customers wants and needs and providing the best customer assistance we have to offer as if it was for our own Family! 

    I'm extremely proud and humbled to be apart of the Painter's Sun Country Mitsubishi Family. I am so grateful to say Jim and Zoma Painter were my grandparents; they were the hardest working couple I knew. I strive to be like my Family before me and hope to serve anyone that walks into the Mitsubishi dealership with upmost respect.

  • Riley Stephenson
    Internet Parts

  • Jackson Stephenson
    Lot Technician